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Code of Ethics

This code is addressed to all the people who are part of Serendipia.

  1. Serendipia can approve or reject the publication of any product that violates this Code of Eethics or puts people who work in the project at risk.
  2. Serendipia will not publish information aimed to benefitprivate interests or those foreign to us.
  3. About the stories:
    1. Neither Serendipia nor its members can accept any tangible or intangible benefit related to our work, whether it comes from public officials, company employees or citizens. In this case, gifts from raffles and those sent on days such as Christmas, birthdays, etc. are included.
    2. Communication with public officials will only be through official channels (the only official means are institutional mail and telephone calls to the institutional number).
    3. All information must be supported by documentary, oral and graphic sources.
    4. All information will go through an internal verification process before being published.
    5. People who work at Serendipia must have the backup of all their sources if required (recording of interviews, physical or digital copies of documents, backup of databases, editable design files and any other).
    6. Confidential sources will only be used when the Management assesses that revealing the identity effectively endangers the integrity of the person; otherwise, another source should be found that is willing to go on record. Information provided by a confidential source must be corroborated with at least two other sources who agree to go on tecord. At this point, the testimonies of victims or their relatives do not apply.
    7. Personal data of the sources cited in the publications will never be revealed.
    8. It is strictly prohibited to share personal information from sources and colleagues (telephone number, email, address and any other data that can make a person identifiable) to third parties by any means without the prior express authorization of the person to whom such information belongs.
    9. Statements from third parties may be edited in the case of very long or confusing phrases or speeches, as long as their original meaning is respected and they are not used out of context.
    10. It is strictly prohibited to attack, mock, insult or humiliate any person in the published products. It is also not allowed to use nicknames or aliases without justification.
  4. Collaborations
    1. The opinions expressed by columnists do not reflect the editorial line of the media outlet.
  5. Damage repair
    1. In case of receiving explanatory letters, Serendipia will allow the story’s author to address it.
    2. The explanatory letters will be published at the end of the note or report to which they refer.
  6. Gender and human rights perspective
    1. A gender balance will always be sought in the cited sources. Neither men nor women will be privileged, but experts in the field will be consulted regardless of their gender.
    2. Efforts will be made to write in the feminine both in the investigations and in the visualizations and other graphic materials.
    3. Serendipia and those who comprise it will always treat the people with whom they have an employment relationship with respect and will respect their privacy.
  7. Transparency
    1. Any information that is not public will be avoided as a source for an investigation.
    2. Investigations based on open data or information requests will include a section where these documents are made available to the audience.
    3. It is strictly prohibited to use the phrases “documents/data to which Serendipia had access”, “documents/data held by Serendipia” or similar phrases and not to publish such documents, data or information.
  8. All the people that make up Serendipia must avoid falling into actions that contravene this Code of Ethics.
  9. Any situation not foreseen in this document will be assessed by the Management taking into account the guiding principles of the media outlet: transparency, rigor, responsibility, honesty, impartiality, professionalism and integrity.

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